Aerial Videos and Panoramas: The Essentials

Capturing inspirational aerial perspectives isn’t just about owning a drone.
It’s a blend of art, science, aerial know-how, and responsibility.

Creative Passion

The most amazing aerial videos backed by skillful camera movements

Quality Equipment

The latest technology for the most stunning picture quality


Several years of flying multi-copters and video drones


Reliable equipment and ongoing maintenance for safe operations

Prepare for Takeoff! Watch A Few of My Videos

Imagine how inspiring your location will look as you watch these videos!
For a larger selection of my videos, check out my portfolio on Vimeo

Sample aerial views

Here's a compilation of short aerial shots, showing the magic that aerial perspectives bring to locations. 

Short 'action' video

Aerial videos are  great for capturing sports and outdoor activities. You can also see how handheld footage can supplement aerial views.

Town and community celebrations

This is a video made for the 2016 Centennial of Corte Madera, CA in October 2015. For a location as scenic as this, a video would be incomplete without aerial footage.

Croatia coastline

Here’s an example of how well travel destinations can be captured.

What Goes Into Every Shoot

I will soon offer commercial aerial services under the new FAA rules that will take effect end of August. Until then, I'm volunteering my services for interesting projects.

Here’s what you can expect to find on the day of your shoot:


Safety is Priority #1

 Thorough pre-flight planning

 Standardized operating procedures

 No flying over groups or events

 Team of two on site: pilot and observer

 Commercial Insurance


Facts about the gear

 Align 480 quad copter, 30" diameter, 11 lbs

 45 minute flight time

 Camera: Sony RX100M3, 1080p/50Mbit

 3-axis camera gimbal for stabilization

 Additional 'ground video' using a stabilized handheld

Let's Get In Touch!

Have an idea for an exciting and creative project?  Contact Me! 

Mike Jetter

San Francisco Bay Area